Sunday, 29 August 2010

two side

when my love don't want me anymore,
it broke me apart,it really pain me.
guess i can deal with it.
but i don't think i could..

it takes long time to fix
to pick up every pieces that he left.
then there somebody try to help me.
he try to help me to recover
but after all had been said and done
i still miss him.
missing him..
miss him badly
wishing he miss me too.

i am so sorry..
you could be the one
you could be my everything and my hero
but it is only if i let you be
only if i can let it be
only if i can it the feeling go..
but his love always with me.

his like a scars on my heart..
like a thorn in my flesh
he took my breath away
now you try convince me that he not worth it??
don't you know you also cant fill my heart,
when he is the part that i missing.

what would you do when you're heart is in two places??
you will feel the heat, that's burn
and you're torn inside
you can feel the love
but you just cant reach it
but when you think you just found the right one
you just found it at the wrong time and place....